Vivo Energy Ghana - Solutions for Business

Vivo Energy Ghana’s commercial business serves leading companies in a variety of industries. We provide these customers with a full range of petroleum products, as well as automotive gas oil, petrol, kerosene, residual fuel oil, bitumen, lubricants and greases.

Our focus is on adding value to our customers’ businesses, not just through high-quality products, but also through innovative services, frontline technical experts providing value improvement support, and various marketing initiatives. We are also industry leaders when it comes to maintaining a strong Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) culture.
We understand that stakeholder management is critical to the success of the business and rely on our professional and competent staff to provide focused and excellent customer relations management to our various stakeholders.

The main products we offer are:

Apart from our main commercial business brands Vivo Energy also offers a wide range of Shell-branded quality fuels, lubricants, greases and professional services for all applications.

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