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Aviation Fuels and Lubricants

The aviation industry has continued to be dynamic with ongoing expansion of Kenya Airways and KQ, both regionally and internationally. The local aviation operators have also continued to thrive as more local business people use air travel, and there is expectation of a new generation of budget airlines adding to the sector from Nairobi.

Vivo Energy Kenya stores Jet A1 and Avgas in two aviation depots Wilson Airport in Nairobi (Vivo Energy Depot); and Malindi Airport in Malindi (Vivo Energy Depot). It also offers technical support to MOI Airbase (MOB) in Eastleigh, Nairobi. Dispensing of fuel through the in-plane operation is done at Jomo Kenyatta International airport (JKIA) in Nairobi; Moi International Airport (MIA) in Mombasa; Wilson Airport in Nairobi; and Malindi Airport in Malindi.

Vivo Energy Kenya’s aviation business prides itself on its strong aviation compliance standards, backed by a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) with Shell Aviation relating to operating standards. This operational excellence provides us with a distinct advantage and sends a clear message to customers in what is an increasingly competitive industry.

The business has recorded a number of noteworthy achievements in recent times, successfully handling a contract (signed in April 2012) with Kenya Airways (KQ – Kenya’s national carrier which is responsible for 40% of volumes at JKIA), and receiving special recognition from the airline for our excellent customer service.

Other recent milestones include delivering technical services relating to product quality to the military site at MOI Airbase; establishing a reliable product supply chain at JKIA and MIA via Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) pipeline; and being recognised as the preferred supplier at Wilson Airport and the only present supplier at Malindi.

Aviation Fuels

Jet A-1

Today's kerosene jet fuels have been developed from the illuminating kerosene used in the early gas turbine engines. These engines needed a fuel with good combustion characteristics and a high energy content. The kerosene type fuels used in civil aviation nowadays are mainly Jet A-1. Jet A-1 kerosene fuel is suitable for most turbine-engined aircraft. 


Avgas is used in small piston engine powered aircraft within the General Aviation community. Predominately activities such as private pilots, flight training, flying clubs and crop spraying. Piston engines operate using the same basic principles as spark ignition engines of cars, but they have a much higher performance requirement.

In today’s general aviation community there are only two main Avgas grades: 100 and 100LL.

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