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Vivo Energy Mauritius - Vitol Aviation Jet Fuel

Jet A-1 Fuel

Today's kerosene jet fuels have been developed from the illuminating kerosene used in the early gas turbine engines. These engines needed a fuel with good combustion characteristics and a high energy content. The kerosene type fuels used in civil aviation nowadays are mainly Jet A-1. Jet A-1 kerosene fuel is suitable for most turbine-engined aircraft.

Vivo Energy Mauritius markets Jet A1 through Vitol Aviation.Through the Vitol Group, we are able to draw upon the vast knowledge, resources and global reach that comes with over four decades of trading experience, putting this at the disposal of our customers.

Vitol Aviation ensures that annual and spot audit programmes are carried out to maintain infrastructure and quality standards. 

We offer our products and services to both commercial airlines and private aviation customers.

For any information, contact the Vivo Energy Mauritius Customer Service team here.

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