Vivo Energy Uganda HSSE

Vivo Energy’s vision is to become Africa’s most respected business. Our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest international Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards is at the heart of our business and is a key differentiator for Vivo Energy Uganda. Being the best in HSSE is not an objective that sits apart from our overall ambitions. It is an integral and essential part of our business plan.

Our focus is on five critical areas:

  • Goal Zero – no harm to people or the environment is our number one priority
  • Transport safety – we invest significantly in training, technology and the adoption of best practice to continually improve in this area.
  • Process safety – wherever we operate – service stations, terminals, LPG filling plants, tanks, shipping, aviation, customer sites – we place the highest emphasis on process safety.
  • Contractor safe management – we require contractors and partners to manage their HSSE policies and practices in line with ours.
  • Environmental impact – we actively monitor our environmental impact, act decisively to minimise the impact of any incidents and are transparent in our public reporting.

Vivo Energy Uganda is proud to be recognised as the country’s leading downstream oil industry business in terms of championing and setting standards for safety in sales and distribution operations.

Being land-locked, road transport is a serious challenge in Uganda. Indeed, at 10 road accident deaths per 100 000 people per year, Uganda ranks among the worst in Africa in this regard. By extension, road transport safety is also a serious challenge for Vivo Energy Uganda, and a lot of effort is expended in managing our safety performance and ensuring compliance with our strict HSSE standards among staff, contractors and even society as a whole. In terms of our own operations, we constantly look to instil good road habits and unremitting vigilance on the part of our drivers, while also emphasising the need to be alert to the reckless behaviours of third-party road users.

Vivo Energy Uganda has a structured system for contractor-, driver-, fleet- and journey-management within our operations. This has led to a significant reduction in serious road transport incidents in recent years.

Worksite safety is another key focus area. Our performance in this regard continues to be exemplary, with Hydrocarbon spills within, and LTI (Loss Time Injury) within close range of, the demanding targets we set ourselves.

In general, Vivo Energy Uganda’s recent HSSE performance has been excellent across most of our Key Performance Indicators. However, we remain on constant alert, especially with regards to road safety. Security is another concern, and with crime and the threat of terrorism on the rise in Uganda, we will be keeping a close watch on this area, working closely with the country’s Security Agencies to ensure our sites and our operations are safe and secure at all times.

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