What is the Gwe Kapo campaign about?

Gwe Kapo is a targeted campaign addressing specific needs of the Boda rider with unique communication material, site activations and engagements at Shell retail stations. Our offer to the Boda rider will include; a motorbike specific lubricant (Shell Advance), designated motorbike service centre (Shell Boda Express), a dedicated Shell motorbike mechanic, a dedicated fuelling pump (Shell Boda Spot), a dedicated change service point and finally a dedicated short term credit service (Tambula). The campaign name, “Gwe Kapo” says it all. This campaign will be the first of its kind in Uganda as we look to shine a light on the Boda Boda cyclists and give them the service and respect they deserve as our key customers. 

Who is it for?

Gwe kapo is a campaign meant for the boda boda riders. This is a big segment of the transport industry in Uganda yet only a few organisations have developed targeted products for the Boda boda community. At Vivo Energy we care for the Boda Boda rider as much as we do for all our other customers. The boda boda riders play a very vital role in our society, they transport our kids, help us pay our bills, get us food and of course, get us to remote and traffic dense locations when we need to get there fast. 

Why are we launching it?

In our market currently, there is no differentiated service offering for the motorbike rider. At Vivo Energy we value all our customers in equal measure and are committed to serving the rapidly growing motorbike market with a specialised proposition.

The launch of Gwe Kapo, an end to end offering to the Boda rider, is an affirmation that Vivo Energy recognises and appreciates this segment.

How different is this to the Shell Bodaspot launched earlier?

The Gwe Kapo campaign is much bigger and better, with more service offerings added to the Shell boda spot.

The boda spot launched earlier came with only a specialised fuelling pump for the riders. With the Gwe Kapo campaign, the rider value offering has been expanded to include;

  • A specialised pump for Boda Boda (the Shell boda spot),
  • A specialised express service point and dedicated motorbike mechanic (Shell Boda express)
  • A special motor bike engine oil (Shell Advance)
  • A loyalty rewards club (Shell Boda club)
  • Dedicated change service to the Boda Boda riders
  • A short term credit service to registered riders (Tambula)
  • Lots of freebies to be won through our Shell Boda Club loyalty rewards program, such as T-shirts, Helmets, Reflector jackets, fuel vouchers and brand new motorbikes.

What are the benefits of the campaign to the boda rider?

First, they get preferential fuelling priority & treatment at their dedicated fuel pump (Shell Boda Spot) and avoid queuing-up with vehicles at the same pump. What’s more, the Boda rider can excess cash change at this dedicated fuelling point at any time, whether or not they will have made a purchase.

The rider also gets high speed service and minor repairs at our dedicated service point with dedicated motorbike mechanic (the Shell Boda Express). As a result, this reduced bike service time means the rider gets to get back on the road quicker and therefore make more money in his business.

For riders that would like to access our services (fuel and Shell Advance purchases) but are low on cash, they will have an opportunity to access short term credit facility under the Tambula platform but only upon registration for Tambula.

To top this all off, riders stand a chance to win big in our Shell Boda Club. All riders that purchase Shell Advance get registered into our loyalty club book and receive a loyalty card. Repeat purchases will earn riders multiple prizes including fuel vouchers, t-shirts, reflector jackets, Key rings and for the biggest prize to be won, a brand new motorbike.

What is the Shell Boda Club?

Shell Boda Club is a loyalty program through which Vivo Energy will reward motorbike riders for using Shell Advance and servicing their bikes at Shell service stations. There are many rewards lined up for loyal riders.

To join the Shell Boda club, a Boda rider will need to service their bike at Shell retail stations. At the first service, rider details will be captured in the Shell boda club book and the rider will also receive a Shell Boda Club card. All subsequent service details will be captured both in the Boda Club book maintained at Shell retail stations and on the riders personal club card. Those that purchase more stand a chance to win more.

Member in the Shell boda club will be rewarded with Shell freebies such as T-Shirts, Helmets, reflector jackets, key rings and brand new motorbikes. 

Who is eligible to join?

All motorbike riders are eligible to join the Shell Boda Club. All they have to do is service their motorbikes at Shell retail stations and get registered into the Shell Boda Club book. 

Why did Vivo Energy come up with the club?

Shell boda Club is a conduit for rewarding our loyal Boda Boda customers. We are serious about our commitment to harness our offering to the Boda rider and there is no better way than to show this appreciation to frequent users than to give back to them with our array of prizes under the club.

To ensure that the rewards process is fair and equitable, it has been structured in a way that those who purchase more stand a higher chance of winning. 

What more should we expect from this campaign?

Shell is committed to seeking out strategic partnerships with organisations that offer specialised services to the boda rider. We have commenced this with our partnership with Tambula that is offering a dedicated short term credit facility to the riders. This platform also looks to expand this offering in the medium term to include insurance to the rider and bike tracking in the event of bike thefts.

The launch of the Gwe Kapo campaign is the start of offering a differentiated service to our motorbike customers, and an affirmation that Vivo Energy recognises and appreciates their business. I call on all the boda bodas and other cyclists to try out the Shell Boda service centres and experience motorbike service like a king. At Shell, we say, Owa Boda, Gwe Kapo.

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